If you want to try a good Counter Strike 1.6 version, you should try Cs 1.6 Warzone. Is same as CS 1.6 Original. This version is 2018 updated and offer anti-slowhack protection, original models and high fps. This version has no bugs and antivirus detection is very low.

For download, just press the link „click here for download”, chose to download setup version or torrent version. Both versions will download very fast. After download, just install the game and play it. This version have a great command menu a some good configs for deathrun, hns, high fps, etc. Good Luck and Have Fun!

After about a year in Beta stages, the first full release of the mod was published on 2000 and the game was also available at retailers in North America shortly thereafter, on November 14, 2000.

There are three official scenarios in Counter-Strike: Assassination, hostage rescue and bomb defusal. A 4 scenario, known as escape, existed during the Counter-Strike Beta.

Game: Counter Strike 1.6 Warzone.

Size: 239 MB.

Protocol: 47+48.

Anti Slowhack Protection.


No Ads.

Antivirus Tested.

Play Online, Lan or with bots.

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Newest Game Engine: 2017

No Lag, No Choke.

High FPS.

Name settings and other settings it's save.

Install anywhere on your disk.

Fast download!

Fast Install on your PC/Laptop.

Original Version. No Modifications.

Best version of counter strike 1.6!

Press H to acces full game menu.

If game don' start, right click on game icon and the click on run as administrator.

English Counter Strike Menu:

Click here to start download! Torrent!

Click here to start download! Setup!


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