Counter Strike 1.6 is a multiplayer first person shooter game. First game was released in 1999.
After Cs 1.6 valve released games like Counter Strike Condition Zero, Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike Globall Offensive.
The most popular version is counter strike 1.6 because have a good graphics and easy gameplay. You can play with bots or online on servers. You will find servers with diferents mods like zombie, respawn, clasic, etc.

The game offer two teams, the counter terrorists and the terrorists. The both teams are figth to complet the objective. If a team is eliminated the objective is again complete.
The classic scenarios in CS are bomb defusal, hostage rescue and assasination. In bomb defusal the maps are with de_, in hostage rescue the maps are with cs_.


Counter Strike ramane unul dintre cele mai tari jocuri de tip shooter pentru ca ofera o grafica buna si multa actiune. Va puteti juca pe harti ca: de_dust2, de_inferno, fy_snow, de_nuke si multe altele. Ca moduri putem enumera clasic, respawn, gungame, zombie, furien, deathrun, cs go, etc.

Aceasta este cea mai buna versiune de CS 1.6 disponibila pe internet pentru ca ofera un fps mare si nu are lag. Este o versiune stabila ce functioneaza pe orice sistem de operare si nu are bug-uri. Descarca si tu aceasta versiune si vei juca un cs de calitate alaturi de prietenii tai. Aceasta versiune pastreaza setarile si numele. Bafta la fraguri si nu folositi coduri!

Click here to start download!(English Version, Translate)

Click aici pentru download!(Romania Version).

Download Setup. English Version. Click here.

Download Setup. RO Version. Click aici.

Game: Counter Strike 1.6.

Size: 262 MB.

Protocol: 47+48.

Anti Slowhack Protection.


No Ads.

Antivirus Tested.

Play Online, Lan or with bots.

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Newest Game Engine: 2017

No Lag, No Choke.

High FPS.

Name settings and other settings it's save.

Install anywhere on your disk.

Fast download!

Fast Install on your PC/Laptop.

Original Version. No Modifications.

Best version of counter strike 1.6!

Press H to acces full game menu.

If game don' start, right click on game icon and the click on run as administrator.

English Counter Strike Menu:

Romania Game Menu:


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